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10 easy ways to make sure people don't want to read your email

10 Easy Ways to Make Sure People Don't Want to Read Your Email#1: Start with the subject: "Can we network?" I'd be much more intrigued by a more creative approach to getting my attention. #2: Kick off your email with the line, "First of all, I want to say that it’s not a spam." If you have to say that..then I don't believe you. #3: Send a really great email...then copy/paste it to everyone in your office. This one still gets me every time. Until it's forwarded to me 3-4 times. #4: Spell the recipient's name wrong.  I'm on at least one spam list as "Bathany" Crystal.  I'll promise you right now that Bathany will never respond to your request. #5: Send repeated follow-up emails every other day. One follow-up email within one week is okay. Maybe one more in a month. But after that, it's best to try someone else. #6: Include an Anchorman gif after the third sentence. Even worse if it doesn't load properly. #7: Have zero personalized details in the body of the email. Please spend at least 30 seconds reading what we do before you email me. #8: Ask a question you can easily find out on your own Information like: what our company does, where we are located, whether we are hiring, and what companies are in our portfolio are all very easy to figure out. Do your homework. #9: Include vague details about what you do and a sketchy-looking link. I've been trained *not* to click that. #10: Say: "I imagine you've heard of me already." There's no winning with a line like this. All of these were inspired or lifted from real emails I've received in the last month. Next time, I'll dig into my favorite LinkedIn InMail requests... 

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