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Introducing the USV Talent Network

Today is an exciting day at USV — we finally pushed “go” on our new USV Talent Network.

Across our 75 active portfolio companies, we have more than 1,500 open jobs. These tend to be insanely exciting jobs at incredible, high-growth startups around the world. And one painpoint unites them all: The challenge of finding great candidates to join their organizations.

There isn’t a switch we can pull overnight to suddenly place 1,500 new people in these jobs. Nor do we have the overhead of having several in-house recruiters or exec search gurus at the firm who can spend their time diving deep into specific company searches. That would be an insane workload. (Coming from me, you know that’s saying something…)

So like everything we do at USV, we’d like to use the power of our network to drive candidate engagement and referrals back into the portfolio. This is step one.

Our hope is to extend the USV community beyond the walls of these 75 organizations and build an extended network to help great people find jobs at great companies.

If you’re interested in joining one of our portfolio companies (either today or in the future), I’d love to invite you to apply to join this network. You can do that here:

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