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I create connections

I work fractionally across multiple projects at once, which helps me create connections and form unexpected bonds. My training as a journalist taught me the deep inquiry skills required for learning something new, and I carry this trait with me when helping teams kickstart new initiatives that lean on community, peer learning, and curriculum development.

project types

Community Strategy

Design online and offline user communities that are incentive-aligned and high-impact


Kick off special projects and activations through unique partnerships, content, & other activities

Program Design

Convert content into curriculum to educate or onboard key community-members or user groups

Teams from crypto builders to public educators bring me on to help with:

connect the disconnected

Being a binding agent means working at the invisible intersections between industries and organizations. Here are a few examples of how I connect different spheres in my work.

emerging tech x public education

Launched technology-based micro-internships with 50+ companies and 3,500+ NYC high school students


talent x technology

Created content strategies, product messaging, research and partnerships for multiple online job marketplaces 


web3 x grant-making

Reimagined the strategic grants program at the Uniswap Foundation based on best-in-class impact investors in web2 and web3  


p2p networks x open source

Supported open source maintainers of IPFS and libp2p on early commercialization and GTM efforts to support sustained maintenance


venture x community

Designed peer-to-peer communities for hundreds of founders within venture capital portfolio companies

something new x what's next

I'm always on the prowl for unrealized possibilities and problems that need a little sticking power to get going


Hi, I'm Bethany.

With a decade of experience in the tech sector, I’ve spent a lot of time in go-to-market functions in startups and venture capital. You may know me for curating a network of 100 tech founders who found great value in blending their disconnected knowledge that spans many industries. (Or for for that time I carried an empty picture frame all around NYC.) I integrate a network-focused approach into all of my client work and projects. 

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“Bethany is the person every company hires when they have something extremely important and difficult and need someone who will get it done and do it right. I and everyone who has ever worked with Bethany will tell you: she moves mountains. She’s one of a kind! You will be lucky to get to work with her.”

Dani Grant, CEO of Jam (worked with Bethany at Union Square Ventures)

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