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It can be hard to keep up with the current brainspace of a fully fractional person. Here are some of the things I'm thinking about and working on right now.

things i'm [currently] curious about

Hyper-Local Community

This summer (2024), I'm participating in a 13-week "Neighborhood Accelerator" program through Cabin. My goal is to lay the groundwork to start a block association on W 75th Street on the Upper West Side in New York City. You can read more about why this is important to me, and why I believe hyper-local community is what the world needs the most right now.

The Impact of AI on How We Learn

I'm excited to step in as the Interim Program Director for Decoded Futures, a new initiative through the Tech:NYC Foundation that will help education & workforce development non-profits level up their AI know-how with help from NYC's tech sector. I'd love to learn how others are using AI to learn and work.

Building on Bitcoin

I recently joined the board as an independent director of Hiro, a developer tools company for people building on Bitcoin. I'm curious to learn more about the opportunity space for the Bitcoin blockchain to onramp more people into crypto-native applications and workflows.

Rooftop Gardens

It's summer in the city... and that means my rooftop garden is in full bloom. Between squashing spotted lantern flies and twice-daily waterings, I'm keeping a close eye on my literal "seed investments." This year's crop includes a dozen tomato plants, plus peppers, and cucumbers.

current projects

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